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Where shall I begin…I don’t know how I missed ths when its happened in November..but I did hear it and then found it on YouTube. 

All you knuckleheads who think being literate is trying to be white, who think questing after knowledge not worth your while, who think getting an education makes you a punk, man up this generation is a failure that puts the sacrifices of those who went before you, the sacrifices that you might get  a chance to learn aside into a trash heap. Learn young people get that education as it was always told to me Get and education its the one thing they (white power structure) can never take away from you.


I’m old, over 60 and I should be coasting into retirement…but thanks to the Greedy Oligarchial Patriarchs who run the US Congress for their 1 percent masters all hope of a good retirement went away years ago…I now survive on reduced Social Security and the money I make working one week a month for a U.S. Government bureau which shall remain anonymous.

I intend to speak my mind..During my life I did some interesting things (almost 30 years as a broadcast journalist), some really dumb things (riding a car door with a camera as my reporter drove through puddles.. great film but to this day I wonder what was in that water) and some really stupid things( Standing on the edge of a mountain wearing 100 pouds of camera gear while amajor sized crowd of stoned hippies pushed a pipe of hash in my face and chanted toke!toke!toke!..I ain’t stopped token yet.. I don’t hang out, but I’m not totally anti people, just anti stupidity. Feel free to comment. if you don’t like what I have to say I don’t give a  Rattus + Equus asinus asinus about it.

When I’m not subjecting you to my opinions etc.. I’ll show off some of my photos…you might even like them. I’ve been taking pictures since I was a kid,I went back to school to catch up on new tech and right now I’m carrying 14 ours of studio classes.

P.S. I’m always on the lookout for models..I ain’t rich but if you work with me you will get some quality work, and since I’m an old married fart I won’t be putting the moves to you

here’s some of my stuff

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